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Unauthorised access to, or alteration of data in a computer can be a criminal offence.

Before accessing this system, you must agree to comply with Queensland Government, the Transport Portfolio and your relevant department's (if you are not a Transport Portfolio employee or agent) Policies, Standards, and Code of Conduct. Important elements of these include:
  • You are responsible for all activities performed under your user ID.
  • Your activities are logged and monitored and are stored for future reference.
  • You must keep your password secure. Do not share it with anyone else.
  • You must not perform inappropriate or illegal activities using Queensland Government systems and infrastructure.
  • You must not introduce viruses or other malicious software.
  • You must not load or use unauthorised games, programs, files or other electronic media.
  • You must not attach unauthorised hardware to the network, eg, laptops & PDAs.

If you do not accept the above conditions do NOT proceed past this point. If you accept the above conditions, logon to proceed.

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